You’re not

Not everyone is interested or likes dealing with their finances. We appreciate for some, making decisions about their finances and knowing what the impacts will be is very challenging, and for others it isn’t, and this can lead to unpredictable results.

Money isn’t just a numbers game.

It’s about people and their lives.

And your financial life should represent the same individuality as your own fingerprint. It should epitomize what your ultimate financial and non-financial goals are, and Making-Cents helps you achieve both.

Personalised for you

Joined up thinking

Disrupting traditional bank models

What are the benefits of using Making-Cents?

  • Very little input and time required.
  • We’re on your side – we don’t and won’t for any bank or get paid by them. You deserve better and with Making-Cents you get quick, impartial and truly independent advice.
  • At the click of a button, you will see immediately the impact a particular decision will have on every aspect of your finances.
  • We give you advise based on your individual situation, nobody else, and it’s based on facts that are undisputable.
  • Making-Cents is about the big picture – we take confusion and luck out of your financial decision making process.
  • Making-Cents will save you money by providing strategies, which when implemented will lead to thousands in savings.
  • You will receive immediate feedback on how your are doing financially, and what you are accomplishing each month.
  • Making-Cents doesn’t provide you with aha moments but with OMG ones instead.

Hi, welcome to Making-Cents. If you’re stuck let me know, happy to point you in the right direction.